Chapter 2: Phone Calls

Isa’s POV:


“Good morning, you’ve reached the Dwyer residence, this is Cathy.”

Cathy managed to get to the phone on the kitchen wall first, with Aunt Renée and I hot on her heels. As we come to a stop behind her, Renée breathes out from beside me,

“It’s Lois.”

‘Oh, Wonderful… Witchy intuition at its best.’

I think to myself just as Cathy says,

“Hi Mom, how are you and Dad this morning?”

‘If she’s having a good morning now she won’t be for much longer…’

Renée moves to sit down at the table and Phil makes his way past me to pour a cup of coffee for himself, and Cathy, then he shifts to lean against the counter behind Renée.

“Yeah, she’s right next to me. I’ll hand her the phone.”

Cathy turns to me with her hand over the receiver and mouths,

“She wants to talk to you.”

‘Yeah because that doesn’t seem ominous at all…’

I move closer to the wall and hold out my hand for the phone, Cathy gives it to me before going to grab her coffee and sit down next to Renée . The phone is one of those old wall phones that has the long springy cord and I immediately start to wrap my fingers in the coils as I speak into the receiver,

“Good morning Mom, Cathy said you want to speak with me?”

‘Why is she calling? She doesn’t usually call on Saturdays. Did she see the explosion at MI6 on the news as well or is she just checking in?’

“I woke up from the oddest dream about you this morning and thought I should call you to make sure you’re okay. Has anything strange happened to you this morning?”

‘Well, that’s certainly one way to put it..’

“I guess you could put it that way. Have you watched the news at all this morning?”

“Not yet, should I?

“No, it’s probably best for you to hear it from one of us first. MI6 was attacked, it seems that someone hacked into their system and also set off a bomb in the London headquarters. Judging from the pictures on the news I’d guess that the bomb was planted on the same floor as Aunt Peggy’s office or one floor above or below hers.”

“Sweet Hecate above…”

“I don’t know if Aunt Peggy was in the building at the time of the attack but she hasn’t contacted me yet.”

“Well I think that she’s probably alright, I saw her arguing with you in part of my dream last night and it didn’t feel like something that had already happened. She’ll most likely get in touch with you before too much longer.”

“I hope so. Serenity had a vision this morning, actually, I’m fairly certain she’s had two. She seemed to know about the bombing before she saw it on the news, and she also handed me a drawing of people, who, I’m certain that she’s never seen before getting executed.”

“Oh dear. Did you recognize any of the people in the drawing?”

“Yes. I recognized two of them from my time at MI6, we were in the same training class together.”

“And you’ve never mentioned them or shown her pictures of them before?”

“No of course not! They graduated to 00 status at the same time I did and when I left MI6 they were frequently on undercover missions, it’s already an extreme breach of protocol for me to even be mentioning them to anyone, much less have pictures lying around for anyone to find!”

“Okay, okay, I just thought I’d ask. Has anything else happened?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, Cathy also had a dream about Aunt Peggy and me last night. She said that Aunt Peggy was in an office, sitting at a desk across from two men discussing something that was stolen, and I was also in the office standing behind Aunt Peggy. Apparently, Cathy didn’t hear what was stolen, but she feels that whatever it is, it’s connected to the bombing.”

“Hmm… Well, your uncle Bruce called me yesterday and mentioned to me that he and your aunt Diana would like Cathy to stay with them for the summer, so I’ll go ahead and call him and see how soon they’d be willing to take her. In the meantime, you had better book a flight for you and Serenity to London and start packing.”

“Mom wait, in your dream what was I arguing about with Aunt Peggy?”

“Someone’s death, I think. I have to go now or I’ll be late for work. Give my love to everyone, okay? Goodbye!”

“Wait, Mom, whose death? Mom?”


I’m about to hang up the phone when it starts to ring again.

‘Please don’t let this morning get any weirder.’


“Hello, Isabella.”

“Aunt Peggy! I saw the explosion on the news I’m so glad you’re all right. You are okay aren’t you?”

“Yes Dear I’m fine; I wasn’t in the building when it happened. Listen, I’ve booked you and Serenity a flight to London at 9:00 pm this evening your time from Sky Harbor International, will that work for you?”

“Um, I’m sure that we can figure out how to make that work. Does this mean I qualified to take the MI6 Active Duty tests?”

“Yes, you did. You’ll be able to pick up your tickets at the airport under your current alias. Tanner will pick you up when you arrive.”

“Alright, will we be staying at a safe house?”

“Of course not! You’ll be staying with me, and Grace as well once her school lets out. Now once you get here there will be a great deal you’ll need to catch up on, but in the meantime, I have a file that I want you to go over, see if you can find anything that Q branch and myself might have missed. I’ll send it through Renée’s witch’s glass in a few minutes.”

“Okay, I’ll be sure to look it over.”

“Wonderful, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the situation. You’ve always been rather insightful, that’s what makes you such a damned good agent.”

“Thanks, look have you had any odd dreams lately? Cathy and Mom both say they had visions last night, and Serenity seems to have had two visions this morning and they all appear to be centered around this bombing.”

“Hmm, that is troubling. No, I haven’t had any dreams lately, but then again that’s never been my gift. I’ve always had strong instincts or intuition, and so do your aunts Gwen and Renée, but prophetic dreams were always something that your mother and your grandmother excelled at, not us. That said, maybe you should ask Megara to scry for you, her gift of Sight is the strongest on record in our family for at least two millennia, she might have some idea of what direction you ought to go in.”

I can’t help but sigh at that advice, even though I have to admit that it’s the best course of action. Meg is an undeniably powerful Seer, the problem is that she has a tendency to be purposefully vague even when she doesn’t need to be. And while she’s my sister and gods know I love her, I’m so not in the mood to deal with her mind games. Still…

“I suppose that’s what I’ll end up doing, and who knows, maybe she’ll have some advice on how to help Serenity control her visions.”

“Well, it sounds like you’ve got a firm course of action to follow, at least for the moment anyway. I’d better go now before Q-branch works themselves up into even more of a panic.”

“They do have a tendency to lose their cool when it comes to any unexpected crises. I’ll see you soon, be careful.”

“You as well Dear. Give my love to everyone and have a safe journey.”

She hangs up before I can respond.